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Kimberly Daniel  

Woodland Hills, CA artist Kimberly Daniel is living her own motto of "Create Everywhere".  She believes that when you are an artist, it permeats every part of your life. Kim jokes that she wants to put paint or pixels on the entire planet before she dies. But she just might mean it.

Kim is best known for her watercolor paintings, which capture the beauty of the sea she loves and reflect her passion for scuba diving. But she also has created broadcast designs, web designs, elementary school door decorations, playground games, fine art pencil portraits of infants, children and pets, iPhone icons and book cover illustrations. Today, she creates commissioned paintings and computer designs as well – all as part of her devotion to "create everywhere".

A Nashville native, Ms. Daniel earned her BFA at Auburn University before moving to Atlanta to become one of the first graphic designers for a fledgling cable station called CNN2. As the station grew to become the world-famous CNN Headline News, Ms. Daniel helped keep its on-air graphics on the cutting edge of broadcasting.

After 16 years at CNN, Ms. Daniel moved with her family to the Los Angeles area in 1999 to work for an Internet start-up called Homestore.com (now Move.com). In two years as a network graphic designer, she worked closely with multiple departments to create the company's online presence, from information architecture and user interface design to the overall look and feel. She left the company in 2001 after a corporate restructuring and started her own business creating computer graphics and selling fine art portraits and landscapes. She closed that business in 2012 and focused on home remodeling & repair. She is now ready to join the corporate world again.

In addition to her artwork, Ms. Daniel has served on the beautification committee of her child’s elementary school, taught after school art enrichment courses and volunteered for community and environmental projects including Habitat for Humanity, Heal the Bay and the Humane Society – all part of her mission to "create everywhere".

You may download a resume of Kim's work experience to learn more. Download the pdf