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Where it all began:
My broadcast career spanned 16 years at CNN Headline News and CNN, from 1983 to 1999. I started as a VJ and worked my way up to a Senior Broadcast Designer. It was really a rare opportunity to be in on the ground floor of a company rocketing skyward. It was a priviledge to walk the floor with the likes of Ted Turner and Ted Kavanau. Art Directors Fran Heaney and Ann Williams were teaching us, as they broke new ground. Later, Art Director Mark Wright led us through new technology changes while highlighting each artist's individual talents. Here are a few examples of some of the work I did while there.
Animated Opens
Still images of animated opens are below the video.


Daily News Stills - font over a still background, were "cranked out" daily in very little time. We had a great visual library that I helped develop and organize. That made finding pieces a very rapid ability. Critical, when news breaks or a producer forgot that they needed a graphic for a story.

TV Graphics History 101: Cyndi Lauper!? Award show graphics were always fun! I never got tired of those. This first graphic was created before paint systems had been developed. We used black and white AP photos, vellum overlays, black markers, Letraset type and a still storage system called the ADDA. How many of you remember that?? Later, paint systems made our lives much easier. But I was inspired by how our first Art Director taught us that you can always find a way to make really great images, despite your limitations. Later, paint systems let us add textures, layers, lights and rotate awards in 3D, even adding lense flares for a little extra sparkle.

Election Graphics
You can view the award winning graphics at this YouTube link.
Working with producers and directors as the numbers roll in, is never dull. I won a Silver Award at the Houston International Film Festival for an animated open I designed.
Weather graphics are always needed. It was a good feeling to be able to inform and help the public, while making it visually appealing. The snowflakes moved in the background as font changed on top.
I was part of the first design/engineering team to create the "floating" graphic. By pushing the black levels to sub zero, we could "key" without blue or green. This revolutionized television graphics. Playing with my watercolor style in geography maps was also a great treat. I also trained college graduate interns.
I was SHOCKED at how little U.S. or world geography they knew. And forget knowing state or country flags.
So we developed visual tests for them to take, so that they could pull unlabeled elements together with knowledge and speed.

Finally, my letter of thanks from Ted Turner on my 15th anniversary. Will I ever get a better letter? We miss you Ted.